Cervus Bio

/ 17.02.14

Lowe Products Ltd is excited to introduce its new branding “Cervus Bio”.  Cervus Bio comes from Cervus elaphus, the scientific name for the Red deer from which the products are derived.  

Cervus Bio has been operating since 1993 and has supplied its deer products to both domestic and export markets.  The Red deer health products that it processes are valued in oriental medicine and have been used for over 2000 years. 

The rebranding process was initiated in response to the changing face of the deer product market.  No longer is Cervus Bio just supplying a commodity product to a traditional market we are promoting deer products as a quality, efficacious ingredient that benefits the lives of consumers in a number of product forms.  We needed a new identity to represent this in the market .

As well as manufacturing deer ingredients, Cervus Bio also produces a range of standard and custom encapsulated products.  As a boutique processor we can be very responsive to customer needs.  We enjoy working with customers to create unique consumer health solutions.

Cervus Bio will continue to trade and export as Lowe Products Ltd.  All contact details and particulars remain unchanged.

Cervus Bio

Cervus Bio, 642 Pyes Pa Road
Tauranga 3173, New Zealand


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