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About Us

Cervus Bio was born from the desire to capture the health benefits
of deer products for the world. More than 20 years on we remain committed
to this cause producing quality New Zealand deer products processed
in licensed New Zealand premises.

Our business today forms part of a large protein producer group,
vertically integrated from the farm to finished product ensuring
quality, food safety and security of supply.

We work in partnership with our customers to create innovative and
effective products, specifically formulated to target market
requirements. We create modern consumer solutions from
traditional medicinal ingredients.

Our Story


A silk scroll recovered from a Han Tomb in the Hunan province of China dates the use of deer products back to 168BC

Steeped in oriental culture, deer products remain prized for their promotion of wellbeing, vitality and longevity.




...2000 years later

A pioneering group of New Zealanders saw an opportunity to harness the health benefits of the majestic Red Deer for the world

They enticed wild animals out of the bush and onto lush pastures to successfully domesticate the first wild animal in over 5000 years.


More than 20 years on, Cervus Bioremains committed to producing quality NZ deer products.

From our manufacturing base in Tauranga,
in the lush North Island of New Zealand we
work with dedication and integrity to ensure
our products are of the highest quality, purity and efficiency.

New Zealand Red Deer
Hunan Province,
New Zealand

Our Process

We are the farmer, the processor and the ingredient manufacturer
achieving world leading quality, food safety and security of supply.

Cervus Bio can offer a superior quality of ingredient as we are part of a vertically integrated New Zealand protein business.

NZ Deer, Nz Farms, Nz Made

Farm Direct

Farm direct quality assured. The founders of Cervus Bio were among the pioneers in New Zealand’s deer farming industry.


Cervus Bio operates from its custom built processing facilities operating under a HACCP principle Risk Management Plan audited by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries.


We are at the forefront of new product development and continue to explore new opportunities to harness the health benefits of these healthy, natural ingredients.


For 20 years we have been working to improve our deer ingredients as health foods and
dietary supplements. We continue to invest in research and development to improve
the purity, functionality and versatility of our products.

Cold Temperature Drying

Whether by cool air drying or freeze drying our products are never exposed to heat during dehydration.

Using this technology, protein and lipid structures do not break down resulting in a more efficacious ingredient.

Powdering and Encapsulation

Our powdering technology makes available what our drying technology preserves. Milling our products to less than 1/4 of a mm improves the absorption of our products in the body.

Innovative Processor

We are at the forefront of new product development and always working on new opportunities to harness the health benefits of these healthy, natural ingredients.

Our Products

We are a specialist supplier of deer ingredients, and can formulate and blend to
customer requirements. We work alongside our customers to deliver unique
and innovative healthy food and dietary supplement products.

Cervus Bio
  • Velvet
  • Tail
  • Sinew
  • Pizzle
  • Blood
  • Bone Calcium
  • Placenta

Choose from:

Whole dried

Whole Dried Red Deer


Powdered Red Deer


Encapsulated Red Deer

Customised product formulations

Enquire about customised product blends combining the health benefits of our
deer products with other beneficial herbs and ingredients, such as flaxseed,
ginkgo and ginseng.

Cervus Bio


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